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Solar Inverter Dealers in Chennai



GBS POWER SOLUTION a division of GBS Systems and Services PVT LTD is an well established company carrying IT Products and services about 15 years in Chennai, We have wide range of clients to whom we provide services. GBS POWER SOLUTION provides Solar Product, Inverter, UPS, Battery with more affordable price in Chennai. Solar energy is the most abundantly available renewable source of energy. In this rapidly growing world of electronics and technology, the demand of energy and electricity has grown rapidly. However, there are limited sources to produce non-renewable energy and here comes the demand for renewable solar energy. The freely and abundantly available light from the SUN can be utilized as Photovoltaic Energy or Heat (Thermal) Energy through special devices developed and manufactured by sophisticated and high technology processes. Solar Inverter is cost effective and easy to install solution to cater the growing needs of the power.

GBS POWER SOLUTION is the leading service provider for residential solar system. When you decide to switch to solar, we take care of every step—including engineering, permits, installation and ongoing monitoring of your system performance. See how we do solar right for your home—so all you need to focus on is your savings.